Secrets Behind Every Cold Call

If cold calling is part of achieving success in your career then it makes sense to master this skill. If you hate to cold call, or have a severe case of call reluctance, you're in good company. Strong sales...

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Cold Calling - Making The Sale

I once asked a training class to describe how they felt when I said the words, "cold calling." I got the typical answers, "scary," "hate it," "don't do it," "necessary evil." But interesting enough there...

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The Best Sales Strategy in Telemarketing

Cold calling remains a viable sales strategy for many businesses today, but it only works when it is done right. When you pick up the phone to make a cold call, it is critical to be well prepared since you...

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Why cold calling isn't working for you

If cold calling makes you feel dirty you should listen to your gut. In this article I'm going to explain why cold calling isn't working for you. Then I'm going to share what does work and explain why.First...

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Requirements of TeleSales People

Telephone sales people need solid sales skills and cold calling expertise. With both skill sets a phone sales rep can achieve enormous success. Turnover in the sales profession is high. Executive recruiting...

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