If you place a newspaper advertisement looking for agents in a local paper and get responses, conduct the first interview over the phone. After all, if the applicant couldn't sell themselves on the phone, they would not have much success in a telesales role...

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How to Make Cold Calling Easier?

Cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. The solicitation of potential customers who were not anticipating such an interaction...

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How to become a Successful Telemarketer?

Telemarketing can be a daunting profession, especially since most people don't like getting cold calls. For this reason, it is essential to learn the steps to take in order to succeed in telemarketing...

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Stop Telemarketing Calls

Due to unsolicited marketing calls, one may get interrupted at some special moments when they want no distractions. So many people complain about calls from unknown marketers of products that most national...

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Tips for Improving Telephone Skills

Excellent phone skills are not just about sounding sweet and thoughtful on the other line. Proper telephone etiquette goes beyond the usual hellos and goodbyes over the phone. It also includes using...

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