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Outsourcing your telemarketing and sales needs to a company that specializes in telemarketing is smart business, but how do you go about deciding which telemarketing company to choose from? Choosing the right telemarketing company oftentimes requires trying out your options.

Prospective clients ask me, “What does ZDH offer that it's competitors do not?” I always explain that when discussing opportunities with a telemarketing company there are several important factors that must be looked over in order to even begin discussing a working relationship.

Ask yourself the following 12 important questions before outsourcing your telemarketing needs.

• Does the telemarketing company have strong leadership with a clear vision and mission statement?

• Will the prospective telesales company represent your organization in a respectable manner? Remember when you outsource, the company chosen will be representing your business. Quality control must be a top priority.

• Does this telemarketing company you will be hiring have a superior phone staff to it's competition?

• Does said telemarketing company have a list of previous happy clients?

• Does your telemarketing company have the latest equipment that offers digital recording, off-site monitoring, hot transfers, and 3rd party verification?

• Does the telemarketing company offer affordable prices and small test-drive programs, or are they looking immediately to lock clients into expensive long-term contracts?

• Can this telemarketing company show you past in-house successful projects?

• Can this telemarketing company provide comprehensive in house training for your specific projects?

• Is this prospective telemarketing company interested in a long-term partnership with you, or are they simply looking to fill seats?

• Does the telemarketing company provide you their own personal account managers or will you be sharing with many other clients?

• Does the telemarketing company suggest that both sides sign NDA and NCA agreements to protect the interests of both companies and clients?

If you are looking to work with a company that answers all the questions above with a proud and strong yes, then look no further. ZDH knows the proper equation for a successful relationship.

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We are your B2B telemarketing company. We will get your telemarketing done right the first time. It is no surprise that over 85% of our agents have American college degrees!

When looking into B2B telemarketing companies go with the best the very first time.

Whether you are interested in outsourcing to a B2B telemarketing company or to a few B2B telemarketing companies, it is always important to remember that these B2B telemarketing companies will be representing you and your business. Professionalism must be a top priority. Sign up for ZDH's B2B telemarketing services today.