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More and more companies today choose to outsource their telemarketing companies. While doing so many of them outsource their telemarketing centers to companies who provide poor results and who loose more capitol than they make. When outsourcing telemarketing call centers to other companies there are a number of things one should check about those telemarketing companies before one sings a contract.

1) What are the telemarketing companies’ sales per hour average?
2) Who are the previous and current clients of the telemarketing company?
3) How does the telemarketing company monitor its quality control?
4) Where is the telemarketing company based?
5) How qualified are the agents of the telemarketing company?
6) What languages do the agents of the telemarketing company speak?
And finally –
7) Do I want to outsource to this telemarketing company?

After having asked yourself all those seven questions you will probably realize you do not want to outsource to the majority of telemarketing companies.

Nevertheless outsourcing to Israel and using ZDH as your telemarketing company will provide you with positive answerers to all those questions.

ZDH offers the best services at the cheapest rates and it is no surprise therefore it is no surprise ZDH was voted best telemarketing company of 2009.

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We are your b2b telemarketing company. We will get your telemarketing done right the first time. It is no surprise that over 85% of our agents have American college degrees!

When looking into b2b telemarketing companies go with the best the very first time!

Whether you are interested in outsourcing to a b2b telemarketing company or to a few b2b telemarketing companies, it is always important to remember that these b2b telemarketing companies will be representing you and your business. Professionalism must be a top priority. Sign up for ZDH's B2B telemarketing services today

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ZDH guarantees American agents for every project! Over 85% of our agents have American College degrees! At ZDH we pride ourselves in providing high quality outsourcing at affordable offshore rates. Don't believe its possible? Listen to a few of our sample call recordings!

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