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ZDH, A Call Center located in Israel is a leader in the lead generation and telemarketing industry. We offer Appointment SettingCold Calling,and Outsourcing. If your needs include any of the elements of Cold CallingAppointment SettingAmerican Call Center . TelemarketingOutsourcingLead Generation, and Call Center Services than contact us.  
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At ZDH we understand that as a telemarketing company, we will be representing your business. We guarantee American educated agents for each and every project!
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#1 Telemarketing Services = ZDH
In our day and age it is commonly known that the success or failure of sales sectors rely substantially on marketing. As technology progresses so does the rest of the world including the marketing world. Today simple posters or TV advertisements are not enough to compete in the sales markets. One must turn to telemarketing. 

Telemarketing is a new cutting edge way to succeed in the world of sales. Telemarketing as a term is a mixture of two separate words clammed together as one. Telemarketing is broken down to 1) Tele which is short for telephone. 2) Marketing, simply marketing. The two phrases together, making up the full term of telemarketing, practically mean a universe of sales done over the phone. This is what telemarketing services have to offer.

Telemarketing service A) Cold calling: Cold calling is a term used to describe a telemarketing salesman who makes telephone calls to people unknown to him and uses his sales skills to try and persuade him to buy a certain product or service.

Telemarketing service B) Lead generation: Lead generation is a telemarketing service which simply refers to the gathering of useful telemarketing information. 

Telemarketing service C) Inbound sales: “Inbound sales” is probably the least common telemarketing service. It refers to the reception of incoming calls and requests for information regarding the product or service being sold.

Telemarketing service D) Outbound sales: “Outbound sales” is, naturally, the opposite of inbound sales. “Outbound sales” is a telemarketing service which requires the telemarketing salesman to contact preexisting or future clients and begin/reestablish the selling/ negotiating.

The telemarketing services are plentiful and helpful. Don’t miss out on this new world of sales over the telephone!

ZDH Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing in the United States can be a pricy business, yet telemarketing from countries like: India, China, Malaysia and Mexico usually results in low telemarketing success, lack of communication with telemarketing center and a loss of capitol over all.

So where can you find a high quality yet affordable outsourced telemarketing center?

ZDH in Israel!

ZDH offers its customers the highest level of quality telemarketing centers that will guarantee your business immediate success and a huge increase in your number of telemarketing sales.

ZDH has 15 telemarketing call centers across the country. ZDH’s agents are native English speakers and fully qualified and thus guarantee your business excellent telemarketing sales rates at an affordable off shore price.

Our telemarketing rates can not be matched by any other telemarketing company not to mention our variety of excellent services.

Contact us today and start developing the outsourced telemarketing center of your dreams! 

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ZDH -A telemarketing company located in Israel is looking for additional sales agents. Email us at jobs@zdhsales.com for more info about our openings.