Beware of the Dangers Associated with Outsourcing

Not something you expected to see on the ZDH website right? Read on, all will be explained.

It is true that outsourcing your telemarketing needs may be extremely cost effective, but the cash that can be saved doesn't come without a great deal of risk. When outsourcing a telemarketing campaign, here are some things to watch out for.

1. Some telemarketing arrangements only make you pay if the telemarketing group achieves certain performance goals. This is similar to working on a commission, and we've all experienced the pressure and sales hype that theses type of working environments create. These telemarketing employees work only to get you business prospects and most commonly disregard the quality of the leads. You never know what the quality of the leads is going to be, because these telemarketers get paid to get you leads. It's not their duty to find you the best ones. While initially cost effective, it's a risky venture. You may just spend all your time speaking to unqualified leads! Obviously after a week or so of getting bad leads, you will drop the outsourcing provider, but remember, that is a week of your time lost.

2. Beware of unscrupulous telemarketing strategies. The great majority of telemarketers, after realizing you have the funds to make a purchase, will tell you anything and everything you want to hear to complete a sale. While its not illegal per say to use advanced sales techniques, immoral as they may be, but sometimes a telemarketer may cross the line. If illegality comes into play, any number of catastrophic scenarios can take place. Your telemarketing campaign could be stopped with legal proceedings to follow, costing you more money than the revenue generated from your efforts to begin with!

3: The agents working for you via this outsourcing company will be representing your business. I have heard many horror stories of offshore call centers actually hurting businesses by cold calling and harassing potential clients. One or two bad reports on the internet can sink a while business! Remember, if you want to do it right the first time, use a reputable company that “has what to lose”.

To sum it up, there is a lot more to look into when outsourcing than just price. Find a company that you can trust, who will grow your business, and not hurt your reputation at the same time.

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