Outsourcing: Not Just for Sales Anymore

The days of outsourcing telemarketing and telesales only are long gone. In today's globalized economy, outsourcing firms all over the world are offering a laundry list of skills and services that go far beyond the scope of sales. While a dedicated outsourced sales force will MAKE you money, outsourcing some other branches of your company will SAVE you money.

1. Outsource your customer service. In most businesses, customer service takes on a 20/80 feel – 20% of your customers take up 80% of your time. If you’re handling customer service internally, valuable man-hours are wasted on pointless inquiries, and basic customer questions.

2. Set up an offshore retention department. What is your client attrition rate? For most companies, it’s about 80% annually. For some companies it can be as bad as 50%! Save money by maintaining client relationships for longer – a good retention team can convince a significant portion of potential cancellations to retain your services for longer. Remember, it’s always cheaper to salvage a current relationship than to pay a sales team to create new ones.

3. Send your appointment setting to a call center. If you already have a database of current clients, repeat business is your bread and butter. We can work with your calendar and set up appointments with your old customers around your new business schedule. This works great for dentists, doctors, or even plumbers scheduling water filter changes.

ZDH is extremely flexible, and we know that each and every client of ours has a unique need, tailored to his or her specific industry and market. We tailor outsourcing solutions specific to your needs, so give us a call to find out how we can make this work for you.

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