Lead Generation via Appointment Setting

Outsourcing your call center over to ZDH will provide you with a number of excellent services.

ZDH can boast its telemarketing skills on a world-wide level. ZDH has had hundreds of satisfied costumers who have all outsourced their call centers to Israel and who now enjoy the luxury of having all their appointment settings and lead generation completed by the first-rate agents at ZDH.

ZDH’s appointment setting and lead generation services are done by fully qualified American born and educated agents who guarantee you the finest and most exceptional results and rates.

You can either sit at your desk all day calling your costumers and partners for appointments and spend the small remaining time you have generating a minimum number of leads for your sales. Or you can outsource your call center to Israel and choose ZDH as your service provider.

ZDH will do all your appointment setting and lead generating for you while promising you the lowest rates and best results in the market.

Have it your way.

ZDH = #1 B2B Lead Generation Telemarketing Appointment Setting Call Center You Will Find!

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We are your B2B telemarketing company. We will get your telemarketing done right the first time. It is no surprise that over 85% of our agents have American college degrees!

When looking into B2B telemarketing companies go with the best the very first time!

Whether you are interested in outsourcing to a B2B telemarketing company or to a few B2B telemarketing companies, it is always important to remember that these B2B telemarketing companies will be representing you and your business. Professionalism must be a top priority. Sign up for ZDH's B2B telemarketing services today

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ZDH guarantees American agents for every project! Over 85% of our agents have American College degrees! At ZDH we pride ourselves in providing high quality outsourcing at affordable offshore rates. Don't believe its possible? Listen to a few of our sample call recordings!

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