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Telemarketing seems to be one of the fastest growing markets in western capitalistic society. The number of telemarketing call centers are growing annually at an unbelievable rate. What’s interesting is that the growth in the number of telemarketing centers refers to the centers in countries like: China, India and Mexico. While telemarketing call centers in the United States are becoming few and far between as the time goes on. The phenomenon in which telemarketing call centers in the western world are replaced by telemarketing call centers in the east is called outsourcing.

However there is one very dominant negative aspect regarding these outsourced telemarketing centers. Outsourced telemarketing call centers don’t make anybody any money. In fact the outsourced telemarketing centers will on a good day break even. The telemarketing centers usually require more money for their services than the money they actually bring in. strangely enough people continue to outsource their telemarketing call centers even when statistics prove it is a losing market.

The reason that these telemarketing centers don’t supply the goods is simply because their agents are unqualified, underpaid and unappreciated. The telemarketing centers are also run badly and have no quality control. Surely with all those taken in to account one could never expect the same results from an outsourced telemarketing center. Outsourced telemarketing centers would never be able to live up to the standards of an American based telemarketing center.

There is a solution however.
In Israel there are a large number of American born and educated salesmen. These agents emigrated from the United States and are working in an all English speaking telemarketing call center. This telemarketing center somehow offers cheaper rates than the Indian and Chinese telemarketing centers, while producing the same results and sales as any other American telemarketing call center.

This telemarketing call center is ZDH.

Contact ZDH today and build the telemarketing center that will make more sales than you can imagine!

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We are your B2B telemarketing company. We will get your telemarketing done right the first time. It is no surprise that over 85% of our agents have American college degrees!

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Whether you are interested in outsourcing to a B2B telemarketing company or to a few B2B telemarketing companies, it is always important to remember that these B2B telemarketing companies will be representing you and your business. Professionalism must be a top priority. Sign up for ZDH's B2B telemarketing services today

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ZDH guarantees American agents for every project! Over 85% of our agents have American College degrees! At ZDH we pride ourselves in providing high quality outsourcing at affordable offshore rates. Don't believe its possible? Listen to a few of our sample call recordings!

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